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There’s a great game behind those horrific fonts and that busy background.

Anyone who dips even their little toe into solitaire gaming is sure to stub it on Victory Point Games. They make some of the best solo games, and take chances on designs that would otherwise be relegated to the dustbin of print-and-play. They also have abysmal production values versus other games in the same price range. Even with their new printer and laser-cut impossibly thick tokens their graphic design is lacking, and they still ship their games in ziplock bags.

I’ll keep buying their stuff because I love it, but it’s nearly impossible to organize because you can’t tell at a glance from looking at a stack of ziplock bags which game is which. I considered putting them all in custom boxes, but that’s a lot of printing and takes up a lot of room. Then I found a binder and some plastic page sleeves that I’d used on some business projects in the past. I put the bagged components from one of the games in a few page sleeves, put the map and rules in a pocket inside the binder, and I’d found my solution. Half-inch binders work great for everything I’ve put in them so far, and they sit nicely on a shelf.

The binders I buy have clear plastic pockets so you can insert a custom cover and spine, so I hit the Internet, gathered up some freely available materials (I am not an artist or illustrator. At all.), and put some covers together. Here are the results: