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131006_Cruel_Cover6aAnyone who thinks politics today is crazy obviously never lived in England during the mid-1600s, when King Charles got his head lopped off and Oliver Cromwell called it a “Cruel Necessity.” That purported quote is the title of John Welch’s latest States of Siege design for Victory Point Games, which should give the same treatment to the English Civil Wars that his popular Levee En Masse did to the French Revolution.

Since this is a Welch design it is clear that the game will be well-researched and the Event deck will teach some great history lessons. And since it is part of VPG’s Gold Banner series it is clear that it will have some spectacular components. No mounted map, unfortunately, as it is apparently too big to be economically feasible, but the art I’ve seen so far is fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it when it ships at the end of October.



tiger_mockup500It’s no secret that Dan Verssen Games’ Thunderbolt-Apache Leader is one of my favorite solitaire games ever, and now they’re taking the system in bold new directions with Tiger Leader (WWII ground combat) and Huey Leader (Vietnam close air support).

Both games are getting the deluxe treatment out of the gate, and will come with loads of equipment to be used during the mission planning phases. Tiger Leader puts you in charge of a German Kampfgruppe through seven historical campaigns and the what-if Operation Sea Lion, letting you play from the invasion of Poland through the fall of Berlin if you want to. Much like other leader games, much of the gameplay comes from selecting commanders and equipment before each mission, and then reaping the rewards as they level up and become more skilled or powerful (or crying when an elite unit you’ve become attached to gets thrown into a meat grinder). It will be interesting to see how well the Leader system adapts to ground combat.

huey_box_front_mockup200Huey Leader looks a lot like Thunderbolt-Apache Leader in the Vietnam era, with battles taking place on a tactical map instead of the area-movement system used in Phantom Leader and Hornet Leader. It models the close air support war between 1965 and 1972, and looks like it will be loaded with goodies.

Both games will retail for $89.99, but can be pre-ordered for $71.99 so head over to DVG and help make these games a reality.


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